Piebald or shark?

It is no secret, many breeders have only one goal and that is the profit they make. Genetics seems to be totally uninteresting. Everything has to be fast to quickly produce offspring. Imagine more than all breeding rules, commit incest, note any genetic defects, and easy to breed it happening. If an animal is pregnant […]

Caution on egg incubation at Python regius

A breeder sent me a photo from the breeding of a friend who has been advised by an alleged specialist in matters python, the eggs only at 28 ° C to incubate. That would be enough and one could with this temperature the same success. Unfortunately, this baby is dead and a second badly damaged, […]

Intrigante fighting among breeders

Open this page because is one of my saddest stories. If I could, I would prove what I write here because it is so incredibly sound and something bad at all possible ist..Für what some do to animals, these are the Srafen not high genug.Es are breeders some horror stories. Some are programmable and have […]