Piebald or shark?

It is no secret, many breeders have only one goal and that is the profit they make. Genetics seems to be totally uninteresting. Everything has to be fast to quickly produce offspring. Imagine more than all breeding rules, commit incest, note any genetic defects, and easy to breed it happening. If an animal is pregnant and lays its eggs, the incubator is set high enough to exceeding the normal temperatures. The normal incubation temperature is 31 ° C to 31.5 ° C …. smallest swings are not so tragic and slip do it then so, after about 60 days. Through a higher temperature during incubation, the little ones can slip a few days earlier. The is dangerous because the hatchlings may have health problems, or are severely deformed, have no eyes or not viable. Who breeds so is very negligent and irresponsible. Still to come, it is an absolute mess when such animals are then sold and / or is thus further grown. recently I was approached by a man and asked if they can have Königspython descendants as with dogs. At first I thought it fun then he showed me pictures, not so good quality but you could tell that this Piebald male in the picture had a much longer maxilla and had by a similarity with a shark. The man wanted a piebald and drove it through the Czech Republic to a South Bohemian district. He took over the male, he has he seen the home which is not true. He had thought that grows the Piebald and it escaped. The seller of the animal assuring him that he would be absolutely healthy and gave him still writing. I advised him to reclaim the animal, because it was not right, because of this disease, which are never cured kann.Er should probably have been punished and the Office was also modest as it is ultimately considered, I can not say but it to show that it is not so. So should not be bred, not at the expense of animals.Den name of the breeder I know and to inquiry for why, it was only he did not know.

Robert Schlesinger, admin