The terrarium

  A reptile holder is faced with the very difficult task of imitating a species-appropriate habitat in its terrarium. This is only possible if all the essential elements of the natural habitat are present. Here you will find all important information. The terrarium of the zoo merchant can by no means serve as an example, […]

Welcome to website for reptiles

REPTILES Here they can offer their offspring or from other breeders, whose offers. Advertisements, can be placed by registered participants, eg advertising, reptiles, feeds, or accessories for breeding. Everything is clearly manageable. The registration is easy, look at the website under options. Afterwards, you can explore the entire website. However, you can also insert a […]

Focus: Red light!

  Some lamps or lamp combinations must be classified as harmful to health for reptiles. These include above all red light lamps and ceramic heaters. Reptiles need a sufficient amount of light, heat and UV radiation. To survive in the terrarium. For this purpose, as a rule, a plurality of radiators are combined with one […]

Here is the worm inside

  Almost all wild animals are infected with parasites. Under natural conditions, this is not a problem, because the host and parasite have adapted themselves over many millennia. A natural balance has been established between them. Artificial living conditions in the terrarium or freights, however, alter this balance in favor of the parasites. Spatial limitation […]

Diseases in reptiles

  Reptiles show a disease first in behavioral changes: often the affected animal reduces the food intake or no longer eats at all. In addition, one can observe changes in the activity: the animal moves less or avoids certain movements. Sometimes it sleeps a lot or withdraws completely. In addition, each species reacts in a […]


Buy a terrarium animal does not mean any problem at the present time, unfortunately. Why unfortunately? The answer is obvious. The fact that today you can easily purchase amphibian, reptiles, bird or small mammal via the Internet, on the animals exchanges, in brick-and-mortar stores or elsewhere, leading to the fact that it can take almost […]