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REPTILES Here they can offer their offspring or from other breeders, whose offers. Advertisements, can be placed by registered participants, eg advertising, reptiles, feeds, or accessories for breeding. Everything is clearly manageable. The registration is easy, look at the website under options. Afterwards, you can explore the entire website. However, you can also insert a […]


We offer you the possibility of having your animals, company, your product or e.g. to present a trade fair or stock exchange. In the case of a stock exchange, you are more likely to reach potential visitors. For more attention, you can offer footage from previous events. Interested people like to look at the place, […]


Buy a terrarium animal does not mean any problem at the present time, unfortunately. Why unfortunately? The answer is obvious. The fact that today you can easily purchase amphibian, reptiles, bird or small mammal via the Internet, on the animals exchanges, in brick-and-mortar stores or elsewhere, leading to the fact that it can take almost […]


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New display options Try a new display option! You and everyone else can share every display on our terraristic-portal with one click on facebook. Those, who like your display, can provide it with smileys. The standard-display is free. We are also offering many videos about terraristic. On our pages you can find many useful tips […]

REPTILES ADS Our sites are designed for all breeders and lovers of nature. They can look here for their new home pets, offer their animals for the pleasure of other breeders, or to exchange something with other breeders. But we also want to publish professional articles, first of all for terrarium owners. The team of […]