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Every holder and breeder knows the situation when his animal suddenly falls ill. Reptiles are not kept everywhere and therefore there are not enough veterinarians, who know 100% in the area of reptiles and their diseases. I myself am glad that I personally have contact with my snake breed to a top animal clinic, ambulance for reptiles, veterinary and pharmaceutical university in Brno. Professor Zdenek Knotek, the real best possible care and they have the latest technologies in animal medicine. The handling of the sick reptiles is on a high level and they are very sensitive with the animals and also with the holders or breeders. Of course it is not for nothing, but the treatment in the clinic is given for every owner / breeder and the prices are really very good. In different forums, I have noticed that often by ignorance and wrong attitude, the animals fell ill and if one does not act fast, or even tries, then the death of the beast is the consequence. There is a forum, where experts and veterinarians directly information Pass on to reptiles and breeders. I asked Professor Knotek and Dr. Eva Cermakova if we could not work together. We had several nice conversations and very successful. The result is our new section. Of course, we also welcome collaboration with other laboratories and veterinarians. Gradually, we will get in touch with them and invite them to participate. Customers can expect specialized articles from the whole spectrum of reptiles, which refer to diseases and treatments. The articles are published in all language versions of our portal. The original text is published and then the translations. Our portal has much interesting and practical to offer and should also help the animals do not just have to die. You can not close your eyes before a disease and hope it heals by itself. A sick animal must become a doctor and reptiles become a specialist. The doctor’s office in Brno Animal Clinic can also communicate English. Thanks for your support. Heike Krüger (Schlangenzucht Naturbrut from Hamm) prepares a version for foreign participants for her. I wish you all a lot of fun while visiting our website.

Robert Schlesinger, admin

Translation Heike Krüger