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Here they can offer their offspring or from other breeders, whose offers. Advertisements, can be placed by registered participants, eg advertising, reptiles, feeds, or accessories for breeding. Everything is clearly manageable.
The registration is easy, look at the website under options. Afterwards, you can explore the entire website.
However, you can also insert a link free of charge from your site, or a banner. They also have the opportunity to use commercial advertising and other services. As have very interesting sections, e.g. We have articles and contributions from experts, veterinarians and herpetologists who answer questions of health and diseases of reptiles.
We mainly work together with the Veterinary University for Birds, Reptiles and smal animals
A specialist for reptiles is Professor Zdenek Knotek DVM, PhD, Dipl. ECZM.
We also have artile from all over the world, in the REPTIL CLUB section
The website is translated into three languages: CZ, DE, ENG.
Breeders, or experts from other countries, also participate in the content.
We are looking forward to your articles, photos or videos to publish them.
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We offer you the possibility of having your animals, company, your product or e.g. to present a trade fair or stock exchange. In the case of a stock exchange, you are more likely to reach potential visitors. For more attention, you can offer footage from previous events. Interested people like to look at the place, the environment and of course the offered animals. All dynamic, as video not only the simple pictures. Similarly, the photo galleries of your animals that you offer for sale will attract more attention when offered in the form of a mix of subtitled photos. You can discuss the video with their words or accompany them with background music. (Beware of a potential copyright conflict! can check the level of protection, various titles). We offer you the option to create a video guaranteeing copyright for the selected background music. Details will be provided upon request ( You must register for the offer of advertising and use other services and options on our website. You can insert videos in the Links section, then add the link and select the link. (The option Standard is the publication of the base link in the left column is free). The link Exclusiv, which also publishes your ad in the field of ads (banner column), but also in the areas of reptile club and photo gallery. Please enter a form for entering lines to open the link to edit the text. When you insert a video, select the Video Selection check box. This option adds a video icon to your image, which makes it clear that it is not a “simple” link to a website. Links can be firmly positioned like advertisements and so they have the most advantageous positions. Everything for a symbolic price of  1 € / 3 day. You have the option of editing, expanding and deleting all lines. If any lines containing racist, pornographic or other unwanted content appear, you can retrieve them immediately and without refund. We also enjoy the classic banner (link to web pages) as well as banner with a link to a video (banner will be a video icon) In our case, a short description or a banner title is included. Further information on request.

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Buy a terrarium animal does not mean any problem at the present time, unfortunately. Why unfortunately? The answer is obvious. The fact that today you can easily purchase amphibian, reptiles, bird or small mammal via the Internet, on the animals exchanges, in brick-and-mortar stores or elsewhere, leading to the fact that it can take almost anyone. Thus, even a person with no previous experience and any information or at least the basic biological and zoological awareness. Remember that, for example, keeping reptiles is very challenging, and this applies to small turtles, chameleons … through to large snakes or lizards. For example, as many popular small tortoises, whether land or water (and not only those) are for their cuteness very often recommended as a “gift for children,” even though they and even their own parents do not have a clue about the complexity of such a breed.
The basic thing which should every breeder realize and understand is the fact that possession and stay in captivity the animals have not chosen voluntarily. Therefore, it is necessary to act accordingly and to provide a possible optimal and most natural conditions for their life.
In our field, we meet often tragic destinies of captive bred reptiles, and not only because of the above-mentioned demands of breeding, but mainly from the lack of obtained information about the breed of the animal before buying it. We can see animals often in such condition when for their salvation is already too late. If we manage to save the animal’s life, then it is often affected by such effects, it would not survive in the wild. It is a cruel tax for breeder´s irresponsibility, do not you think?
Basal ignorance and the consequent unwillingness to inform buyers of the animal, we meet already in the first line – so even by some retailers. Some of them actually prefer business to the interests of the animal. It is, however, up to the future breeder to get all relevant and necessary information for animal breeding himself. So should keep each responsible person who plans to take his new home ‘pet’. It cannot already make excuses use the lack of literature in printed or electronic form nowadays. Our department is not indifferent to such breeders and we are able alternatively to advise, recommend the best source of information.
If you are considering the selection and purchase of a new family member, take the following words of wisdom to heart:
“You become forever responsible for what you have bound to yourself.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).

Autor: MVDr. Ing. Eva Čermáková


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Our sites are designed for all breeders and lovers of nature. They can look here for their new home pets, offer their animals for the pleasure of other breeders, or to exchange something with other breeders.

But we also want to publish professional articles, first of all for terrarium owners. The team of experts from the Veterinary University in Brno has promised us cooperation. We also be glad to publish articles of breeders who are interested in publishing of their breeding experience. Articles can be accompanied by pictures. They can be inserted through the editors of the portal.

I would like to thank for the assistance in the construction of sites to the friends, among belongs to e.g. Mr. Stefan Wieser, Mr. Michi Vock, or Mr. Rosier Van De Kuil, who gave at our disposal lovely pictures of his breed.

I am looking forward to cooperation with you.

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