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Here they can offer their offspring or from other breeders, whose offers. Advertisements, can be placed by registered participants, eg advertising, reptiles, feeds, or accessories for breeding. Everything is clearly manageable.
The registration is easy, look at the website under options. Afterwards, you can explore the entire website.
However, you can also insert a link free of charge from your site, or a banner. They also have the opportunity to use commercial advertising and other services. As have very interesting sections, e.g. We have articles and contributions from experts, veterinarians and herpetologists who answer questions of health and diseases of reptiles.
We mainly work together with the Veterinary University for Birds, Reptiles and smal animals
A specialist for reptiles is Professor Zdenek Knotek DVM, PhD, Dipl. ECZM.
We also have artile from all over the world, in the REPTIL CLUB section
The website is translated into three languages: CZ, DE, ENG.
Breeders, or experts from other countries, also participate in the content.
We are looking forward to your articles, photos or videos to publish them.
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Robert Schlesinger, Admin