We have changed the calendar for certain breeding events etc. a bit.

In a new version of event calendars, breeder directory, stock exchanges and exhibitions as well as other events., Such as the opening of specialist markets for breeders, farmers, anniversaries, lectures or even, for example. an “open house” to present his breeding or the young, which can be very beneficial for the sale. The design is designed so that it can also be published on Google Maps. Fantasies have free rein. The calendar is international. For the draft of the introductory breeding events in the text version no registration is necessary and also the entrance
is free. For the extended version for commercial, a symbolic fee and booking will be charged. The version “AKTIVE” offers active links on your website or via e-mail addresses, the possibility to upload pictures and posters for great action photos, for example of past events. But you can also set a real Video right away (
On the extended version there are demonstration options, under ,, (to find events near Brno),.
This calendar is a good source of information for everything important in your areas.
Try it out and provide us with your information and we will publish it in your sense in our International Calendar.


We offer a download button. You can place the button on your website and, together with the attached link, you can view an event calendar.



Share a calendar for other breeders and insert new events

Robert Schlesinger, admin