Nature does not adhere to breeding plans and schedules, it is always different and unique

The normal breeding process at a breed is listed in various phases and timings. It is also so that it exactly runs on most snakes + – a few days. Nervous is one, if this predetermined times are exceeded by the animal. I myself had an experience in my breed entirely up to date with my Black Pastel females. Everything went quite well, even with the pairing, then came ovulation. After the normal period came molting. I began to count, because of egg laying. It was also nice and round and came as the time of ovulation, they do not put, but went back to the molting. So this was not the normal running and I was nervous. From the day of ovulation until Dato there were 70 days. I contacted Dr. Cermakova, from tirärztlichen University in Brno and made an appointment for inspection. It would have also to be an egg binding or other problem. It has been examined and ultrasound, it was all fine. The eggs need a little time to mature. On Monday 77 days after ovulation, I found my females to lay their eggs lying. It was a large nest with 11 eggs, which were unfortunately stuck already firmly together. I had to convert the whole nest together in the incubator. I am now looking for experience of other breeders. So I can compare, or find out why this was so.

Robert Schlesinger, admin