Event Calendar – Conditions


The event calendar will not only publish vivariums, stock exchanges and exhibitions, but also lectures, a new shop, work shops, seminars, important anniversaries and breeders alike will be Publisher. It will also be possible to put actions with other breeding knowledge such as aquaristics, exotic birds, pets in general on the calendar.

The basic version is free, without registration. The name of the event, the day and venue, the opening hours and other information that the participant will enter will be published. In addition, each event will have its own card showing the venue. (indicate the exact address of the venue)
The version for Commercial is after logging on
In addition, the publication offers pictures, posters, events, photos of past events, etc .. They will then be part of the active links (links) that lead to the websites and e-mail of its organizer or the depositors. Register and then log in, then “ACTIVE” will be selected before inserting the text. Like the basic version of the standard and attachments (pictures), the text part will be introduced in the same way. If you want to become a user, send all information to the administration Attachments. Mail total size max e-mail. 10 MB or max. 9-10 pictures in jpg format. The price for this calendar version is 6 credits (available in the My Account section). Once the listing is published, credits will be deducted from your account.
This fee is a one-time fee and your promotion will be published until the expiration date. Without confirming the option “ACTIVE” above the form of the text part, the action is released as Basic. If the participant inserts multiple events at different dates in the same location, only the current action is available. Next, after this action and removing the original.

You can access the calendar via this link (link)
You can also share the calendar, e.g. on their website etc. It is possible to use our button and add a link.

The content of the calendar (the card with marked points) is the same in all language versions.

Of course, we will take care of the accuracy of the dates of the published events. We check every action.


Robert Schlesinger, admin